Milestone Declarations
At the inaugural meeting in 1993 in Tokyo, the meeting adopted the Tokyo Declaration which is the founding charter of the APPF and establishes the Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum as an inter-parliamentary organisation.

The Second Meeting in Manila, Philippines, adopted a resolution covering the rules of procedure to apply in the management of the administrative matters of the APPF.

Subsequently, the Fifth Annual Meeting held in 1997 in Vancouver, Canada, adopted the Vancouver Declaration, another essential document which established the vision of the Asia Pacific region in the 21st century, and set the goals of the organization.

During the 9th Annual Meeting, the APPF adopted the Valparaiso Declaration on the establishment of the Pacific Basin Charter in the 21st Century.

Recently, taking the opportunity of the 20th Annual Meeting and the return to Tokyo, the APPF issued the New Tokyo Declaration as a reaffirmation of the immutable principles nurtured by the APPF to date and an indication of the future directions for the APPF.

In 2018 the Ha Noi Declaration was adopted, marking the 25th anniversary of APPF and setting out the future development of the Forum to 2030.